Sperasoft collaborates with Creative Assembly on innovative tech solutions

Sperasoft, a Keywords Studio
3 min readApr 6, 2021

USA, San Jose — April 6, 2021 — Sperasoft, a Keywords studio is working with Creative Assembly, the developer of the BAFTA-winning grand strategy series Total War, as well as acclaimed titles including Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2.

Sperasoft is working with Creative Assembly’s internal Live Services team on tools, technology, and live operations. Creative Assembly’s unique approach to authentic experiences has defined both the Total War series and their console titles, with much anticipation for their new sci-fi shooter which is in development.

The first game that brought Creative Assembly to prominence was Shogun: Total War in 1999, which placed the player in the role of a shogun leader, directing Japanese warriors to conquer barbarians. The game was based on an original turn-based strategy that would go on to inspire the industry, not to mention win awards for its stunning soundtrack.

Total War is now over 20 years old and has developed a large and loyal fanbase through the depth and quality of gameplay and the authenticity of the worlds created. Creative Assembly has grown and now represents the largest UK games developer with 800 permanent employees, an additional European base in Sofia, Bulgaria, and multiple project teams working on Total War and their new shooter title.

Sperasoft, meanwhile, is famous for its creativity in terms of adaptability, innovation, extensive experience, and a keen eye to find tailored solutions for its clients.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley with development centers in the USA, Poland, and Russia, the co-dev company’s engineers have developed AAA game titles for every type of platform, PC games, and ported games. Its diverse team has created engine customization, middleware, and back-end technologies that spearhead the industry’s technological development.

“We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement of collaboration on backend tool development” — said Denis Larkin, Chief Commercial Officer at Sperasoft — “We embrace this new challenge, which will propel our creativity to a whole new level of innovation.”

Gabor Beressy, Director of Live Services at Creative Assembly said: “Our goal is to provide world-class experiences for our players, and our back-end technological capabilities are a key part of that. We are pleased to be working with Sperasoft, bringing our expertise together to create innovative tools and solutions to benefit our products”.

About Sperasoft

Sperasoft is a leading game development company headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley with development centers in the USA, Poland, and Russia. We offer full development capabilities with comprehensive professional teams that are built upon the best producers, engineers, game designers, and artists in the industry. During the last 17 years, Sperasoft has grown to over 600 developers, opened 4 offices around the world, and is now engaged in a new level of cooperation with customers — becoming a co-developer of the world’s most famous publishers. Sperasoft is a part of Keywords studios — the international technical services provider to the global video games industry.

For more information, please refer to marketing@sperasoft.com

About Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly is one of Europe’s leading games development studios, founded in 1987 and located in West Sussex, UK, and in Sofia, Bulgaria. With a heritage of award-winning AAA titles, including the multi-million selling Total War™ series, Creative Assembly continues to build an impressive portfolio of games with the as-yet-unannounced FPS-IP and world-renowned partnerships; with Games Workshop on Total War™: WARHAMMER®, Twentieth Century Fox on Alien: Isolation, plus 343 Industries and Microsoft on Halo Wars 2. Creative Assembly has, with its exceptionally talented team of 800, amassed a wealth of awards including multiple Best Place to Work awards and accolades from BAFTA, Music+Sound, and Develop’s Industry Excellence awards. www.creative-assembly.com

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Sperasoft, a Keywords Studio

A leading games co-development company with development centers in the USA, Poland, and Russia.